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  1. Roustabout definition, a wharf laborer or deck hand, as on the Mississippi River. See more.
  2. Roustabout took Elvis Presley to the carnival, a setting referenced often over the course of the minute soundtrack. "It's Carnival Time" and "Carny Town" bring the circus to the title, but "It's a Wonderful World" and "Roustabout" also nod toward the midway, a good indication that the 11 songs here aren't necessarily designed to be heard outside of the film, and yet Roustabout wound up 4/
  3. Define roustabout. roustabout synonyms, roustabout pronunciation, roustabout translation, English dictionary definition of roustabout. n. 1. A laborer employed for temporary or unskilled jobs, as in an oil field. 2. A circus laborer. 3. A deck or wharf laborer, especially on the Mississippi.
  4. roustabout meaning: 1. a person whose job involves heavy unskilled work 2. a person whose job involves heavy unskilled. Learn more.
  5. Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) is a coffeehouse singer who joins a financially troubled carnival in Roustabout. He is hired by owner Maggie Morgan (Barbara Stanwyck) and soon catches the eye of 56%.
  6. Define rouseabout. rouseabout synonyms, rouseabout pronunciation, rouseabout translation, English dictionary definition of rouseabout. n 1. Austral and NZ an unskilled labourer in a shearing shed. Also called: roustabout 2.
  7. Style 99 Plain End Roust-A-Bout Coupling. Grips to provide a strong component for joining plain and beveled end pipe and fittings; Not designed for use with plastic pipe.
  8. To see a parts breakdown or to order parts for the Z-series Roust-A-Bout, click on the Discontinued Products link to the left. Site Map Sumner Manufacturing Co., LLC Alabonson Road, Houston, TX .

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